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A clean gamified roadmap to your internships and upskilling

Get in-depth insights to your learning curve, apply to in-platform internship with poitns and rewards.

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Peer to Peer activity tracker and explorer

Helps you to get engaged with like-minded folks, network with high agency peers.

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We're more than a Learning platform.
We plan to sell experiences with these features which stays with you forever.

Simultaneous P2P Courses

Plan and schedule your Learning with your team

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Jump barriers and obstacles with team of elite who helps you with solving your issues

Social Psychology Meter

Understand your surroundigns & understand why people are like the way we are, this gives you competitive edge.

Tagging activities

Tag your activities along with your peers so they know what you are upto and viceversa

Increased Learning curve

Measure your performance and get weekly reports and newsletters

Custom Reports

Get individual and team personalized reports, automated to your weeekly newsletter

Project Implementation

Implement your learnings with our Problem statement picker for your domain

Talent is being wasted in India, Here’s how we are changing that.

At StudyMonk, we’re committed to putting our values into practice and always rely on First Principles. Check out our culture | Who we really are?.

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  • Personalized learning
  • Free access to 100+ Courses
  • Unlock Rewards and XP